Streptococcal grouping latex

Strep kit

New rapid method for serological identification of the Lancefield groups of Steptococci grown on agar plate (group D included)

  • Immediate modified nitrous acid extraction procedure
  • Easy to read
  • Material supplied ready to use
  • Accurate results in one minute at room temperature
  • 950 nm Latex Particles (better readability)
  • No special equipment required 

Principle of the test

The streptococcal grouping method involves chemical extraction of group specific carbohydrate antigens using specially developed nitrous acid extraction reagents. The Extraction Reagents 1 and 2 provided in the kit contain a chemical substance able to extract the Streptococcal group specific antigens at room temperature. Extraction Reagent 3 contains a neutralizing solution. The neutralized extracts can be easily identified using blue latex particles sensitized with purified group specific rabbit immunoglobulins. These blue latex particles agglutinate strongly in the presence of homologous antigen and will not agglutinate when homologous antigen is absent.


Product list

Cat. Num. Product Pack
DML 1001 Streptococcal Grouping Latex kit 60 Tests
DML 1002 Strep Latex Group A 60 Tests
DML 1003 Strep Latex Group B 60 Tests
DML 1004 Strep Latex Group C 60 Tests
DML 1005 Strep Latex Group D 60 Tests
DML 1006 Strep Latex Group F 60 Tests
DML 1007 Strep Latex Group G 60 Tests
DML 1008 Strep Extraction 1 60 Tests
DML 1009 Strep Extraction 2 60 Tests
DML 1010 Strep Extraction 3 60 Tests
DML 1011 Strep Control 2 mL
DML 1012 Mixing sticks 350 Sticks
DML 1014 Streptococcal Extraction Kit 150 Tests
DML 1018 Agglutination cards 60 Cards

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