Parasite concentration system


Paraprep is a closed system for a clean and efficient concentration of intestinal parasites from human faecal probes. To simple 4 steps kit provides a fast and simple method to concentrate helminth ova as well as protozoan cysts/oocysts.

  • No ethanol
  • Ready to use 
  • Totally sealed/enclosed system
  • Single use system, no cross contamination
  • Fits in every standard centrifuge
  • Built-in spatula


The faecal sample is taken with the spoon on the filter and mixed into the tube with the solution. After a short mixing and centrifugation step, Paraprep is reopened and the sediment is ready for microscopy.
It is a single use, disposable device offering significant time saving as well as prevention against cross-contamination. The unique tangential hexagonal filter provides a fast and reliable filtration of the sample, leading to a clean background.



DiaMondiaL offers different sizes of Paraprep:

  • Fitting 50 ml centrifuge buckets: Paraprep L
  • Fitting 15 ml centrifuge buckets: Paraprep S

Paraprep is available in 4 different kits providing all solutions needed for 40 tests:

  • Paraprep Formalin: 10% formalin solution with triton X-100.
  • Paraprep SAF: Sodium acetate - Acetic acid - Formalin slution with triton X-100.
  • Paraprep Gold: with a fixative solution that is environmentally safe
  • Paraprep Stain: 10% formalin solution with triton X-100 + Iodine Potassium Iodide for stain


Cat. Num. Product Pack
DML 9000 Paraprep S Formalin 40 tests
DML 9010 Paraprep S SAF 40 tests
DML 9025 Paraprep S Gold Plus 40 tests
DML 9030 Paraprep S Stain 40 tests
DML 9050 Paraprep L Formalin 40 tests
DML 9060 Paraprep L SAF 40 tests
DML 9075 Paraprep L Gold Plus 40 tests
DML 9080 Paraprep L Stain 40 tests

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Not available in the U.S. and the U.K